The SCIENCE behind Progentra

Progentra is the world’s best penis enlargement pill for a reason; Progentra does not cause side effects, and its effectiveness is not sacrificed for safety. Hundreds of male enhancement products have been introduced in the last 5 decades, and none have been able to prove beyond doubt that penis enlargement is possible with an oral supplement – until Progentra.

It has long been established by experts that the only way to increase penis size is by pumping more blood to the penis. Vasodilation is the most effective method of getting blood to the penis, but to actually make penis enlargement happen through vasodilation alone would require a serious amount of vasodilators, which could cause blood pressure levels to drop dangerously. This has been a problem for male sexual health brands as altering blood flow is the only way to achieve penis enlargement.

Progentra presented a revolutionary approach to penis enlargement that combines vasodilation, aphrodisiacs, and hormone stabilizers to create the perfect conditions for penis enlargement, which is now known as the SYNER-BOOST FORMULA.

The formula focuses on ingredient synergy, unlike other brands that aim to overload the pill with aphrodisiacs and vasodilators, which could increase the risk of side effects. With Progentra, you do not need to be concerned about Progentra side effects as there is virtually no side effects for healthy individuals.


As we have developed Progentra to be completely safe to the user, be extremely concerned if you experience any side effects when using Progentra. The brand has gained popularity over the past few months, and several fake Progentra has been sold online. To be sure that you get authentic Progentra pills, buy only direct from the official website at . Symptoms of fake Progentra products include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sharp drop in blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate

To avoid these dangerous side effects, all you have to do is choose authentic Progentra pills which are available on

Why is Progentra BETTER than other male enhancement pills?

Progentra’s focus on ingredient synergy makes it possible to have an enhanced effectiveness on all of the ingredients included in the formula. While other brands simply overload a pill with testosterone boosters and aphrodisiacs, Progentra actually combines the right aphrodisiacs and testosterone boosters to amplify its effectiveness on the body. Progentra also uses both fast-acting and delayed-release ingredients to give you the freedom to use Progentra the way you want to. You can take Progentra as a fast-acting supplement. Just take two Progentra capsules an hour before having sex, and you’re good to go. If you want a bigger penis with a consistent boost to your sex drive, you can take two pills of Progentra every morning on an empty stomach. In just a few weeks, you can expect to have a bigger penis, with a reinforced sex drive and stamina.

How Progentra works:

  • Fast acting aphrodisiacs and PDE-5 inhibitors are absorbed by the body
  • Delayed release aphrodisiacs and PDE-5 inhibitors remain active
  • While the users experience an erection, the PDE-5 inhibitor ingredients enhance the effects
  • Hormone stabilization allows the body to increase the instances of erections


Progentra is generally safe to take, with minimal side effects due to outside factors such as medicine, and other health conditions that may affect the interaction of the formula. Based on our own research, 99% of our customers show no signs of side effects, and none of our customers have had any serious interactions with Progentra. However, certain safety precautions must be exercised to ensure your health and well-being.Progentra works on the body’s circulatory system and hormones. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition related to the circulatory system such as hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol, you should seek the advice of a health professional before taking Progentra or any other supplement.


Progentra offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on purchases made on our official website. We are fully confident that Progentra will meet and exceed your expectations, which is why we have prepared a guarantee to show you how much we believe in our brand. We have poured countless man hours into developing Progentra, and it would be a pleasure to share the experience with our customers. However, if you feel that Progentra failed to live up to your expectations, simply give us a call, and our customer care staff will help you process your refund right away.

Progentra Guarantee


Progentra was developed through years of hard work from our experts and staff, and we are very much invested in the product itself. We believe that the reputation of the brand we have worked so hard to establish is more important than getting easy money off of scams. You can count on us to have a trustworthy, transparent, and honest professional approach to the people we do business with.

BE wary of shady supplement scams and fake products. Always dig deeper to find out the truth about the product that you are planning to buy. Scams and fake products have been around for decades. You can count on us to be vigilant in spotting scams and fake products.