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Progentra is my first choice.

Given that this is my first time to buy male enhancement supplements, I did my research and found that Progentra really has everything in order, from the science and dosage, everything lines up perfectly. I’m a bit cautious to what I put into my body, and I’m proud to say that I have not experienced any Progentra side effects whatsoever. Even more impressive is that it really does what it says on the website. I got bigger, and I got better in bed. Progentra is the real deal!

Bernard S.
El Paso, TX

Progentra made me a stud.

I’m a nerdy college guy, not the kind of guy that’s really popular with women in the University. I ordered Progentra online about a month ago, and it changed everything for me. I gained two inches on my penis, and my libido is at an all-time high. I just can’t believe it. My confidence grew each day, and I was able to pick up women and have hot, sweaty sex all night. The best part is, I now have the reputation for being hung – and every girl in the University is curious. All that for a pill. What a time to be alive!

Luke I.
Los Angeles, CA

I just ordered 6 months’ worth of Progentra.

I work in a cruise ship, and most of the time, the opportunity is there to cozy up with one of the drunk guests. But because of my average penis, I feel like I can’t live up to their expectations and ruin the experience for them. I had a time once with a young woman, and she laughed at the underwhelming size of my penis. Thanks to Progentra, that’s all done and over. I gained 2.5 inches longer after taking it for 3 months. Now, I’m bringing a whole pack with me to the cruise to make the most out of the experience.

Pete T.
Tampa, FL

Progentra is incredible.

I’ve never had a pill that could change so much in my body. Just two months ago, I was a regular old chap wanting to live my younger days again. After taking Progentra, everything changed. My libido got better, my penis got bigger, and most of all, my confidence was at a high I’ve never experienced before. I got the guts to go after younger women, and I’ve had successes that I could have never gotten even when I was younger. Taking Progentra is really a life changing experience for me, and it could be yours too.

Kevin T.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Progentra made my penis BIG!

Taking Progentra is really an entirely new experience for me. I’ve taken loads of male enhancers before, but none ever came close to Progentra. I mean, you can literally feel the rush of blood flowing to your penis. On the first day, my penis was so engorged with blood. It was so red, but it felt nice and intense. I’m pretty sure that it’s not a Progentra side effect, and my partner seeing my penis so angry and red even made her hornier. A few weeks is all it took to gain an inch bigger. WOW. Just, WOW!

Bernie A.
Norfolk, VA

I ditched Viagra when I got Progentra.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Viagra, and I’ve been satisfied with that for the longest time. At times I feel a bit woozy and lightheaded, but the label said that it’s what I should expect after taking Viagra. An old friend from high school recommended that I take Progentra and ditch Viagra, and so I did. After I took the first pill, I felt the difference right away. It was an intense sex drive and my erections did not give me the headache and lightheadedness I usually feel with Viagra. I guess I’m sticking with Progentra now for good!

Ralph D.
Corpus Christi, TX

I knew he was taking penis enlargement pills!

I recently hooked up with an ex-boyfriend from college. We were together then for a year, and I can vividly remember every inch of his “anatomy”. While having sex with him, I noticed that his penis was really bigger than before. I mean, really big! Like it was blown up or something. I asked him about it and showed me his half-spent bottle of Progentra. It was a nice mix of shock and pleasure for me. Wow, this stuff really works, doesn’t it? I just bought him a pack of 3’s as a gift and maybe he’ll want to see me again.

Amanda A.
Oakland, CA

Progentra works for me.

I’ve tried a bunch of other male enhancers, but I found out quickly that I am quite sensitive to side effects. I easily get the flushes, I get sluggish, and there was this one time when I passed out after taking a Chinese ‘penis enlargement’ pill. Progentra was really different. You can tell that it comes in a bit strong after the first pill, but it didn’t cause any of the nasty side effects I usually experience with other pills. If anything, I doubt if I experienced any Progentra side effects at all. I’ve been taking Progentra now for the 8th week, and I’ve gotten about 2 inches longer, and an inch thicker with Progentra. Safe, effective, and affordable. What more can you ask for?

Randall P.
Seattle, WA

I’m buying more pills today!

I just ran out of Progentra pills. I ordered a one-month pack and by the time I was halfway through, I realized that I should have taken your 3-pack or 6-pack pills to save. I mean, this stuff is really worth it. I can tell that I gained some size. I just don’t know how much, but I’m sure I got bigger. I’m now returning to the website to order more pills!

Will A.
Austin, TX

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